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Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Complete – NET SatisFAXtion Small Business Edition has all the key features a small business needs in a complete fax solution. With this flexible and virtualized solution, end users are able to cut costs and use desktop fax with “fax-to-email”. This solution integrates into Network Fax Machines and MFP’s with use of the fax server - removing the need for dedicated fax cards and fax lines. NET SatisFAXtion is able to deploy into any Telco environment even if you don’t use VoIP and provide users with simple, secure faxing.

VoIP technology allows for easy deployment into any Telco environment even if you don't have VoIP.

1) The Complete Cloud-Based Solution featuring IAFax


2) The Premise-Based Solution for Existing PBX Telephony Structure

3) The Local Premise-Based Solution

4) The Hosted VoIP Provider Solution