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 Reliable, Secure, Scalable – NET SatisFAXtion Carrier Edition Fax Solutions for Service Providers and Carriers provides VoIP fax solutions to customers and end users in a premium way. Designed to work in any VoIP environment, use this solution in tandem with our robust HTTPS high-density Fax Trunks and experience the reason why FaxBack is the leader in shaping fax technology. This solution unifies office communications and is fully virtualized with Web-to-Fax portals. Other technology to use with this solution includes the ability to connect your Fax Machine to the Cloud through our HTTPS Fax ATA.


NET SatisFAXtion Carrier Edition
Offer a proven and reliable VoIP Fax and Fax over IP solutions that meet the rigorous demands of Service Providers. Designed specifically to work with any VoIP system and the established infrastructure of each unique Service Provider, it easily manages high fax volume, without the need for expensive high density T1/E1 digital fax boards. This offers significant competitive advantages including the ability to bring customers complete fax service at Voice over IP rates, while implementing an affordable and dependable Fax over IP infrastructure that really works.


Unsurpassed Reliability
Designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-density deployments, the Port Server operates on a time and industry proven T.30 fax layer, ensuring that the fax interface meets or exceeds current fax performance and reliability standards.


Unmatched High Density
The NET SatisFAXtion service provider solutions will scale up to a full DSK (672 ports) in a single system for the NET SatisFAXtion Port Server. The core engine of the NET SatisFAXtion solutions for service providers are based on the robust Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF), providing tight operating system integration and optimizing speed, reliability and scalability.


Seamless VoIP Integration
NET SatisFAXtion solutions will support any VoIP service provider media gateways that support SIP T.38 including, but not limited to the AudioCodes, Sonus, Cisco and Sentito.


Using T.38 Instead of G.711
Using T.38 instead of G.711 not only offers greater reliability, but also much higher fax system densities. T.38 can offer as much as six times the channel density, up to a full DS3 (672 ports), in a single 1U rack-mount computer system.


Licensed for Service Providers with AudioFax/Catch Curve Patent Protection
The NET SatisFAXtion service provider solutions from FaxBack are specifically licensed for service providers and also come with full AudioFax/Catch Curve patent coverage.