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Are you using Microsoft Windows?
“Microsoft Fax” is the fax software included in business editions of Windows.

Do you have a VoIP System? IP System?

SIP T.38 compatible VoIP gateway, IP-PBX or VoIP service provider.


Install the VoIP Fax Plug-in and try it!

This plug-in enables Microsoft Fax and Windows Fax and Scan, which are built right into Windows, to send and receive faxes using your VoIP infrastructure without any further cost. Offering you a simple desktop fax solution, with easy print-to-fax capabilities.


Important Note - T.38 compatibility and Service Providers

Please note, this plug-in is only compatible with service providers that support the SIP T.38 fax standard. Examples of providers that do not support T.38 include: magicJack, Vonage and Skype. Most cell phone and cable providers that offer any type of VoIP service typically do not support T.38. If you are unsure, check with your provider for T.38 compatibility.


Free VoIP Plug-in for Windows Fax and Scan