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Client Hosting Role

NET SatisFAXtion Carrier Edition provides fax-to-email and email-to-fax service and Microsoft Fax client support. Each server can support up to 120 ports. Scaling beyond one server requires one or more Port Servers. Requirements:


HTTPS Port Server

Carriers offering HTTPS fax service can provide secure, reliable fax connections to customer NET SatisFAXtion servers. Port Server and NET SatisFAXtion are installed on different servers, so carriers offering both require two or more servers. Each Port Server instance can support up to 672 ports. Additional Port Servers can be used in High Availability deployments. System requirements for HA will vary. For more details on multi-server and HA implementations, contact your FaxBack sales representative.



Telephony: Compatible with most T.38 capable media gateways, SIP trunks and ITSPs