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FaxBack Debuts Real-Time Preview in Web and Mobile Fax Client for Service Provider and Businesses Fax Solutions

FaxBack, a VoIP Fax Solutions company, showcases FAXability - a full browser-based fax client that allows users to send faxes from anywhere on any web-enabled device.

Portland, OR – 1/29/2014 - FaxBack (, a fax server and fax technology company helping clients build and deploy reliable cloud fax services and turnkey business fax solutions, announced today an enhanced FAXability Fax Client designed for web and mobile devices. Utilized by both service providers and businesses, FAXability allows truly accurate real-time previewing of converted documents with reliable HTTPS over-the-Internet connections to service providers. FaxBack will be showcasing the new client technology at ITEXPO East in Miami Beach on January 28-31, 2014 at booth #521.

Service providers in 2013 showed strong demand for wanting to add or compliment their existing fax services as well as improve reliability from Fax Machine connections over basic SIP based ATA’s for their business clients. As fax continues to remain a core and strong form of business communications, service providers are making sure they can provide comprehensive communication offerings. Simplicity, diverse client options, and improved connection reliability has helped minimize provider’s support on fax aspects and allows for more focus on other core business aspects. Additionally, healthcare businesses looking for integration with EHR/EMR applications from SRSsoft and others can easily utilize FAXability for their faxing needs.

FAXability is a full browser-based fax client in the cloud that allows users to send faxes from any mobile device or computer no matter what OS it uses. There are two ways to convert documents with FAXability – attach through a zero-footprint browser-based client or print from a Windows computer via print driver. FAXability then provides an accurate, converted fax image preview before the user hits send for both the browser client and print driver, guaranteeing what you see is what you fax every time. FAXability connects to your backend Fax Server and allows fax email notifications so you never miss a fax no matter where you are.

Cloud Faxing Made Simple – Users are able to send faxes from any mobile device or computer with any OS that has a web browser and a connection to the Internet. FAXability also compliments the use of Fax Machines for paper-based faxing and Virtual Faxing with easy inbound fax delivery.

Document Conversion with Options – With the optional Windows Print Driver, users can print documents from their applications along with using print options to control how the document will print, making spreadsheets and other non-conventional documents easy to fax. Additionally, users can opt to not install or touch their workstation and utilize the easy cloud-based conversion, just not with the same print control.

 Preview Every Fax – Before hitting send, users will see exactly how every fax is going to be sent to the recipient through a real-time fax preview, regardless of how they connect to FAXability. After a document is converted, either locally on the users workstation or up in the cloud, the user receives an exact fax image preview of what will be faxed.

No Installation Required – As a browser-based zero footprint client solution, FAXability is fully functional from just a web browser on a computer or on mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones.



About FaxBack -

FaxBack provides reliable, secure, and scalable Fax Solutions for Service Providers, Multi-Site Enterprises, and Small Businesses. In addition to premise-based fax servers, we offer fax solutions for any VoIP environment. Connect your Fax Machine to the Cloud through our HTTPS Fax ATA. Robust, high density Fax Trunking with full virtualization including Web-to-Fax portals are also available with our popular NET SatisFAXtion solutions. FaxBack and AudioCodes have developed an HTTPS enabled Fax ATA and the Fax Connector technology was created for a secure and reliable fax transmissions for Fax Machines.

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