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FaxBack Announces General Availability of its Reliable and Secure HTTPS Fax Platform

New Trialware Programs and Bundle Packages Make it Easier for Companies to Test and Implement FaxBack’s Industry Leading VoIP Fax Solutions

Los Angeles, CA – October 5, 2010: (ITEXPO, Booth # 319) - FaxBack, the VoIP Fax Server Company, today announced the general availability for its HTTPS Fax Platform, which enables fax machines, desktop fax applications (such as Windows Fax and Scan) and NET SatisFAXtion fax servers to stream fax data over low quality Internet connections, with TDM levels of reliability.

Originally announced in Beta at ITEXPO in Miami this past February, FaxBack’s HTTPS Fax Platform has currently been adopted by several customers, including carriers, enterprises and managed service providers - enabling fax machines and fax servers to achieve the same cost savings as VoIP-based voice calls, while maintaining high reliability and security over Internet, wireless, cellular and satellite connections.

“FaxBack introduced its HTTPS Fax Platform last winter, and since then, the industry has followed our lead by embracing the technology as a superior alternative to T.38-based fax solutions,” said Quentin Dible, Vice President of Operations for FaxBack. “Where other fax providers are now just getting up to speed on the technology, we’re pleased to report that FaxBack has already had two carrier customers connect hundreds of Fax ATAs to customer fax machines with great success. Fax reliability, which was once a pain-point for carriers, has now become a success story, thanks to our HTTPS Fax technology.”

FaxBack’s HTTPS-based fax platform specifically addresses the reliably and security issues of transmitting T.38 over the open internet. It provides highly scalable, real-time HTTPS fax communication between premise based NET SatisFAXtion fax servers, fax clients and AudioCodes HTTPS Fax Enabled MP-202B ATA devices.

The HTTPS-based Fax Platform can scale from less than a T1 to a full DS3 (672 ports) per server; it easily facilitates full fail-over and redundancy, and features a multi-tier architecture, which facilitates carrier-to-carrier handoff via HTTPS. This makes fax traffic routing easy for smaller VoIP providers, while extending additional business opportunities for larger VoIP carriers.

New Trialware Program and Bundle Packages Help Customers Evaluate the Technology:
FaxBack also announced a new NET SatisFAXtion VoIP fax server trialware program that optionally includes 30 days of VoIP fax connectivity; this offers prospective customers an easy means of testing the fax server software itself, within their specific business environment, without the hassle of configuring a VoIP or telephony connection. Additionally, customers can buy VoIP Fax connectivity bundled with their NET SatisFAXtion fax solution making the process of implementing a VoIP fax solution easy and seamless. For more information, visit, or stop by booth # 319 this week at ITEXPO in Los Angeles.

About FaxBack:
With over 25 years in the fax industry, FaxBack is leading the charge in reliable VoIP fax solutions for both business and carrier applications. FaxBack’s innovative VoIP fax solutions are a result of the tight integration of its class-leading fax drivers and software technologies enabling comprehensive fax solutions for small business applications, mission-critical enterprise fax deployments, and high-demand, high-density carrier grade fax operations. FaxBack’s complete, cost effective and award-winning line of NET SatisFAXtion fax server products are flexible, easy-to-use and fully integrate with back-office business applications, IP-PBX’s, virtualized cloud topologies and more.