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FaxBack® Releases NET SatisFAXtion IP™ for VoIP Environments

Boardless FoIP Fax Server Eliminates Need for Expensive Fax Hardware While Boosting Employee Messaging Productivity

TIGARD, Ore. - November 21, 2005 - FaxBack® Inc., a leading developer of popular network fax server software, today announced NET SatisFAXtion IP™, a fax server that brings real-time, T.38 boardless fax to VoIP environments. This latest fax software solution incorporates all the features that have made NET SatisFAXtion an industry namesake since it first debuted in 1990. In addition, NET SatisFAXtion IP provides companies with a cost-effective alternative: no fax hardware required.

"Communications are at the heart of every business – regardless of any given organization’s size or specialty. NET SatisFAXtion IP represents the coming together of two technologies – Voice over IP (VoIP) and FAX, a communications’ bedrock. With the release of our IP-based, 100% boardless fax solution, FaxBack offers an extraordinarily powerful and economical messaging option for organizations with IP-based infrastructures in need of integrating fax communications. No longer are companies forced to invest in expensive fax hardware,” said Art King, President of FaxBack, Inc.

"As mass adoption for VoIP occurs, many businesses are naturally looking to take the next step and integrate FAX messaging into their IP-based environments. MCPc has chosen to work with FaxBack to help accelerate the adoption of fax in converged IP environments," said Bill Keating, Vice President of IP Communications at MCPc. "NET SatisFAXtion IP provides a rapid, secure and cost-effective method for adopting state-of-the-art fax technology while maximizing ROIs and streamlining workflow processes. FaxBack’s boardless FoIP approach eliminates dependence on expensive fax hardware, POTS lines, and costly consumables (paper, toner) that many companies incur when it comes to faxing critical documents. Riding on the VoIP communications wave, FaxBack has redefined communications by enabling rich, cost-effective, secure fax transmissions."

Key Features and Benefits

Leverages IP-based networks. Support for fax (T.38) has already been built into nearly all leading IP routers, like Cisco, 3Com, and Alcatel for the past several years. T.38 brings the same feeling as if the sender were standing at a fax machine watching the real-time progress of a fax being delivered to the recipient’s location, yet from the convenience of their desktop.

Seamless business application integration. Streamlines business processes by providing quick click fax access direct from user applications like Office as well as from groupware tools (Microsoft Outlook). It works directly with existing phonebooks as well as multi-function devices (MFPs).

Eliminates unnecessary equipment. Eradicates the need for dedicated PBX line cards as well as dedicated fax hardware, which simplifies the inclusion of faxing into business process workflows.

Lowers total costs of ownership (TCO). Analog phone lines, fax boards, toner, paper and hardware maintenance are no longer required as NET SatisFAXtion IP is free of dedicated hardware. There is no need for expensive fax boards and complex hardware configurations.

Provides regulatory compliance and privacy. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other regulatory laws emphasize a need more than ever for greater privacy protection, document transmission security, and accountability. NET SatisFAXtion IP can be combined with VoIP encryption to ensure secure, virus-free transmission across VoIP networks with centralized, auditable records of all transmitted documents.

Integrates seamlessly. NET SatisFAXtion IP software can be implemented with existing IP-based routers or in a legacy PBX environment with dedicated fax hardware, making for a smooth, successful transition to a VoIP environment at any time. Moreover, organizations can further streamline business processes by easily integrating NET SatisFAXtion IP with existing applications and groupware tools.

NET SatisFAXtion IP is available immediately from any of FaxBack’s authorized resellers. For more information, please contact a FaxBack account representative at 800.329.2225.

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About FaxBack:
With over 25 years in the fax industry, FaxBack is leading the charge in reliable VoIP fax solutions for both business and carrier applications. FaxBack’s innovative VoIP fax solutions are a result of the tight integration of its class-leading fax drivers and software technologies enabling comprehensive fax solutions for small business applications, mission-critical enterprise fax deployments, and high-demand, high-density carrier grade fax operations. FaxBack’s complete, cost effective and award-winning line of NET SatisFAXtion fax server products are flexible, easy-to-use and fully integrate with back-office business applications, IP-PBX’s, virtualized cloud topologies and more.