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FaxBack Announces NET SatisFAXtion 6.5 Supports V.34 Faxing and JBIG Compression Technology with Eicon Diva Server Product Family

For Highly Efficient Fax

TIGARD, Oregon. - October 22, 2002 - FaxBack® Inc., the developer of FaxBack flagship fax-on- demand technology and NET SatisFAXtion fax server software, today announced the immediate availability of NET SatisFAXtion 6.5. The latest suite includes support of Eicon Network’s Diva Server intelligent fax card family based on the V.34 fax standard. In addition, FaxBack is one of the first messaging companies to have its fax server engine incorporate JBIG document compression technology, quadrupling compression of today’s fax standards and delivering faxes more than 70% faster than ever before.

Delivering a 60-Second Fax Document in 15 Seconds
NET SatisFAXtion users and broadcasters can experience unprecedented performance increases in transmission times as well as significant cost savings on phone charges. A fax document sent at 33.6kbps is more than twice as fast as one sent at 14.4kbps. So a document that would take 60 seconds to fax using 14.4 can be sent 30 seconds with V.34. NET SatisFAXtion goes one step further and utilizing JBIG compression technology is able to deliver this same 60-second fax in less than 15 seconds.

“Three things stand out about V.34 and phone bill savings,” says Peter Davidson, fax industry analyst with Davidson Consulting. “First, V.8 fast handshaking knocks about 6 seconds off all handshaking and retraining times. Second, JBIG slashes page file size by up to 70%, further lessening transmission time. Third, V.34 halves the transmission time of 14.4 modems and cuts it by one-third versus 9.6 modems. So you actually get a much bigger reduction than just two times faster. And then the carrier-class reliability you get with inexpensive Eicon cards compounds the fax phone bill savings.”

NET SatisFAXtion Provides Superior Document Compression
JBIG, short for Joint Bi-Level Image Group, is document compression technology developed by a national standards body. Similar to Group 3 or Group 4 fax, it goes one step further, providing between 20% and 80% improvement in compression over these traditional methods. V.34 faxing cuts transmission times in half and when coupled with JBIG compression technology, connection times can be further reduced 20-80%. FaxBack is the first fax messaging company to incorporate this compression technology into its popular fax server line, drastically shortening fax connection times while considerably reducing phone charges.

World-Class Fax Performance and Delivery Using Eicon Diva Servers’ with V.34
Eicon Network’s Diva Server adapters offer maximum performance, carrier-class reliability but are nearly 65% less the cost that traditional intelligent fax board manufacturers charge, making them highly attractive to organizations of all sizes and outbound faxing volumes.

“FaxBack is able to allow not only new – but, more importantly - established fax platforms an extremely affordable way to easily integrate V.34 faxing and JBIG document compression technology without requiring companies to replace their entire system, ” said Mike Oliszewski, chief technology officer at FaxBack, Inc.

“We are able to protect a company’s investment in their fax infrastructure.” “NET SatisFAXtion and Eicon fax card combination offers the performance, reliability and security suitable for mission-critical fax server deployments, and yet is affordable for small businesses,” said Kipton Heuertz, vice president of marketing at Eicon Networks.

About Eicon Networks
Eicon Networks is a world-leading provider of reliable communication products for networked business applications. The Company’s portfolio includes a full range of products for applications in branch office and PC connectivity, ATM cash machines, financial clearing networks, voice over IP, unified messaging and fax serving. Eicon distributes, markets and supports its products in more than 80 countries through a network of channel partners, telecommunication companies (telcos), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and original equipment manufactures (OEMs). Information about Eicon Networks is available at

About FaxBack:
With over 25 years in the fax industry, FaxBack is leading the charge in reliable VoIP fax solutions for both business and carrier applications. FaxBack’s innovative VoIP fax solutions are a result of the tight integration of its class-leading fax drivers and software technologies enabling comprehensive fax solutions for small business applications, mission-critical enterprise fax deployments, and high-demand, high-density carrier grade fax operations. FaxBack’s complete, cost effective and award-winning line of NET SatisFAXtion fax server products are flexible, easy-to-use and fully integrate with back-office business applications, IP-PBX’s, virtualized cloud topologies and more.