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FaxBack Announces Complete Fax Integration with Leading Email Applications

Provides Real-Time Fax Monitoring and Preview Options Allowing Users to Send, Receive and Manage Faxes from Lotus cc:Mail, Notes, Microsoft Exchange and any SMTP/POP3 Mail Client

BEAVERTON, Oregon. - February 23, 1998 - FaxBack, Inc., pioneer of the NET SatisFAXtion fax server software line, FaxBack® brand fax-on-demand and CAS fax development technology solutions, today announced the availability of NET SatisFAXtion Small Business Edition (SBE) for Email. Designed for organizations needing to unify their fax and email communications, NET SatisFAXtion SBE for Email allows users to easily send and receive faxes through messaging applications exactly as they would send and receive email.

A key component to its strategy to provide a comprehensive suite of fax communications applications for small businesses, workgroups, and departments, NET SatisFAXtion SBE for Email allows users to send and receive fax messages through native integration with leading email packages including Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and any SMTP/POP3 compliant mail system (Qualcomm Eudora, Netscape Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express).

"Fax messaging continues to be one of the most mission-critical applications in which a company invests, and FaxBack is committed to delivering innovative, leading-edge solutions," said Jim Mueller, FaxBack's executive vice president. "With the release of NET SatisFAXtion SBE for Email, we've greatly improved the way business can communicate by providing an easy and cost-effective way for email users to seamlessly fax from virtually any email client."

Easily Send, Receive and Manage Faxes from Email Interface To send a fax from within their existing email interface, users simply compose a text message, add any attachments such as Microsoft Word or Excel, select the intended recipient's name from their public, private or shared phonebooks and hit the "Send" button.

NET SatisFAXtion supports server-side conversion of virtually any document, file, or image. The conversion of the email-to-fax message takes place on the NET SatisFAXtion fax server, minimizing the impact on valuable system resources and memory requirements for desktop users. NET SatisFAXtion SBE for Email supports on-the-fly rendering for any Windows print-to application.

An additional feature of NET SatisFAXtion SBE for Email is the ability to preview an email-to-fax message - including file attachments - before a user actually sends a message. This feature provides users unprecedented confidence in using their email client for faxing. Users can also easily create their own cover pages using any word processing application like Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect.

NET SatisFAXtion SBE for Email supports a variety of advanced inbound routing schemes, including DID, DTMF and manual routing. Users can receive inbound faxes at their desktop in the same way that they receive inbound email and can reply, forward, store, print or copy to other folders just as they can with email.

Email Capabilities Include Real-Time Message Monitoring
NET SatisFAXtion allows users to view the actual progress of their email-to-fax message right from their desktop - in real-time. Unlike most communications servers that rely on a "store-and-forward" method for delivery, NET SatisFAXtion SBE for Email provides the highest delivery confidence for email users, allowing users to see immediately if their message successfully reached its destination.

FaxBack recognizes that combining email and fax technologies robs fax of one of its core strengths: point-to-point communication with real-time status. NET SatisFAXtion SBE for Email preserves the real-time confidence in fax delivery that has - until now - been lost with email-to-fax implementations. Just as if standing at a fax machine, a user can actually view the receiving machine handshake with the server and begin receiving pages right from their desktop. Users know instantly if their fax was received, was incomplete, or failed.

Feature Highlights

NET SatisFAXtion SBE for Email also includes many popular features such as:

About FaxBack:
With over 25 years in the fax industry, FaxBack is leading the charge in reliable VoIP fax solutions for both business and carrier applications. FaxBack’s innovative VoIP fax solutions are a result of the tight integration of its class-leading fax drivers and software technologies enabling comprehensive fax solutions for small business applications, mission-critical enterprise fax deployments, and high-demand, high-density carrier grade fax operations. FaxBack’s complete, cost effective and award-winning line of NET SatisFAXtion fax server products are flexible, easy-to-use and fully integrate with back-office business applications, IP-PBX’s, virtualized cloud topologies and more.