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Lucent Technologies Licenses Powerful Fax Technology from FaxBack to Develop the First DSP-Based CAS Fax Card

Provides Real-Time Fax Monitoring and Preview Options Allowing Users to Send, Receive and Manage Faxes from Lotus cc:Mail, Notes, Microsoft Exchange and any SMTP/POP3 Mail Client

BEAVERTON, Oregon. - February 9, 1998 - FaxBack®, Inc. today announced that Lucent Technologies Computer Telephony Products signed an agreement to license its CAS™ 2.0 (Communicating Applications Specification) technology. CAS is the industry's leading fax API (application programming interface) designed to allow developers to easily create scaleable, high-performance fax applications in Windows NT™, Windows® 95 and DOS environments.

CAS will enable Lucent to add sophisticated fax capabilities to its Vantage™ Series voice technology on a single hardware platform. Vantage Volare™, announced by Lucent in March of 1997, will be the first DSP-based fax board that uses CAS 2.0 technology. In addition, CAS will provide Lucent with the necessary T.30 handshake protocol for fax-to-fax communication. CAS' flexible architecture, designed to dramatically slash development time, will also provide Lucent developers with robust functionality for building and managing all types of fax applications, including unified messaging, LAN faxing, fax-on-demand, fax mail and much more.

"CAS has played an extremely important role in developing the market for PC-based fax and fax integrated with LANs," said Michael S. Seto, vice president of marketing for the Lucent Technologies Computer Telephony Products unit. "Unified Messaging applications play in this market and FaxBack's CAS 2.0 technology enables our Vantage Series to deliver integrated fax and voice with rich, powerful T.30 capabilities to this market."

"We're thrilled Lucent has joined the growing number of companies choosing CAS to meet their fax communication needs," said Jim Mueller, executive vice president at FaxBack. "CAS is a proven industry veteran in the areas of reliability and performance, and we're excited that Lucent selected it to provide new and sophisticated fax functionality for their developers and customers."

About Vantage Series
Utilizing fifth-generation Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the Vantage Series is a state-of-the-art, highly scaleable (4 to 32 ports per board) voice and fax processing platform, perfect for peak-performance solutions. The versatility of the Vantage series allows developers to build robust applications on a variety of platforms including Windows NT, Windows 95, Solaris, QNX, SCO OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, OS/2 and DOS. Enhanced voice, fax, and rotary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms expand opportunities for CT applications in the global markets.

About CAS
CAS was the first fax messaging development tool to deliver multi-port and cross-platform support, and is the industry's leading fax API for co-processed fax boards. CAS is popular with intelligent fax card providers because it expands the range of fax applications that intelligent fax cards support and enables communication across a wide variety of platforms.

About Lucent Technologies Computer Telephony Products
Lucent Technologies Computer Telephony Products was formed September 29, 1997 through Lucent's acquisition of Octel Communications Corporation. Formerly known as Rhetorex, it is a leading provider of superior enabling technologies for the computer telephony industry, and manufactures hardware and software components that connect PCs and LANs with telephone networks. For more information on the Lucent Technologies Computer Telephony Products unit, visit our web site at

Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU), headquartered in Murray Hill, N.J., designs, builds and delivers a wide range of public and private networks, communications systems and software, data networking systems, business telephone systems and microelectronic components. Bell Labs is the research and development arm for the company. For more information on Lucent Technologies, visit our web site at

About FaxBack:
With over 25 years in the fax industry, FaxBack is leading the charge in reliable VoIP fax solutions for both business and carrier applications. FaxBack’s innovative VoIP fax solutions are a result of the tight integration of its class-leading fax drivers and software technologies enabling comprehensive fax solutions for small business applications, mission-critical enterprise fax deployments, and high-demand, high-density carrier grade fax operations. FaxBack’s complete, cost effective and award-winning line of NET SatisFAXtion fax server products are flexible, easy-to-use and fully integrate with back-office business applications, IP-PBX’s, virtualized cloud topologies and more.